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Bass Hunter Glide 2.0 7"

Bass Hunter Glide 2.0 7"

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  • The Glide Bait is made of heavy duty ABS material that can withstand the wear and tear from a lunker hookset; its metal Joints are made for extreme durability that will withstand pressure for catching monster size fish. 
  • As a slow sinking bait, the bait can be used to attack the entire water column and will attract predator fish from different angles and perspectives. 
  • The Glide Baits single-jointed construction gives it a remarkable swimming motion that replicates prey fish to bass. 
  • The Glide Bait has a unique S-wave action, a big profile, and it can be controlled with pauses and reel turns, which can give it more drawing power that appeals to larger fish. 
  • It is equipped with special and built in weights that allows for superior control, bait action, precise casting, and more balance. The Glide Bait has extreme balance capabilities that is great for serious bass anglers. 
  • With natural color imitation, vivid 3D laser eyes, and a textured, soft rubber fishtail for more vivid swimming strokes, this Glide Bait appeals to bass like no other.
  • The Bass Hunter 2.0 is 7" in length which is the ideal size to attract MONSTER predator fish. It is equipped with 2 treble hooks that guarantee your catch will stay on. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Rollins
Swims great

Swims like an S-Waver. Big bass following first time I fished it!

Earl Smith
Great glidebait

Great solid glidebait for those that are wanting to get into throwing moderate size glidebaits. The paint finish is good. The hooks that come with it appear to be quite stout and sharp. The bait it is easy to work. Has a nice wide glide or if swimming it slowly moderate s wave but can be popped and even turned completely around on a sharp pause. It will suspend momentarily on the pause before starting to slowly sink. I was throwing it on my 7'8" Lew's Heavy SG Ledge Raider and it the weight was handled quite well.

I would give it 5 stars, but the only drawback I found with this bait is that it does tend to be head heavy as it sinks, which can be remedied by changing the rear hook to a bigger one or adding lead tape to the rear portion or lead wire to the hook. Also, tends to become unstable at fast speeds, but not really bad if you prefer a more erratic movement at higher speeds. However, working the bait slow is where it really shines.

I'm very pleased and will definitely be buying more.

Didn't catch a monster on my first day using it, but the very ambitious largemouth pictured surely didn't mind trying to eat it.