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Deluxe Series Crank Bait

Deluxe Series Crank Bait

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  • USED BY PROS- The Deluxe Series Crank Bait is a go to for many local tournaments. 
  • BRILLIANT COLORS: Unbelievable spectrum of colors and realistic crankbait with lifelike bait fish swimming action to attract predator fish. Life-like 3D eyes and equipped with 2 #6 treble hooks.
  • METAL BALL RATTLERS: With steel ball rattlers, you can cast further, have more control and stabilization, deeper dives, and attract bass more effectively. . 
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS-Crankbaits can be effective just about anywhere there are bass; steep rocky banks and ledges, broad shallow flats, near grass beds, and over and around brush and stumps. Perfect for Spring time weather.
  • Max Diving Depth: 4-6 feet
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great paint

Been beating this thing around the rocky shallows and the paint hasn’t chipped once. Nice and realistic paint job, love this little crankbait.

James L.
love this lure

I like these crankbaits a lot. I’ve caught a bunch of bass on them. They can catch smaller bass but I have also had the biggest bass in my life hit these … they swim good, dive consistently, the hooks are sharp and strong.

Peter Micklson
Great detail

I have caught a ton of fish on these baits. They are my go to lures when nothing else works. They don't hang up on the weeds. If you bump something wait a second and they float up and you can start reeling again. I highly recommend them.

Liam Parker
I really like them

Took these to Canada for my boat buddy who is a "new" fisherman for back up-those rock bottoms eat baits! Turns out he never got to use them, handed him my rapalas instead. These lil baits burned my buddies up everyday at half the cost. I was using the square bill "natural" looking ones, had fantastic action, swim straight, no need to speed these to get the action tight.