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Bladed Jig Combo X319

Bladed Jig Combo X319

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  • Equipped with a strong nose jig head that glides and leads the baits body through the water. The Jig head has realistic 3D that further attracts bass and fishes attention. 
  • Equipped with Stainless Spinner Blade that emits vibration sequences to attract bass and predator fish. The blades reflect light and water which replicates a fishes shinning gills and colors. 
  • Attractive skirt colors that lure predator fishes attention. Glide and swim the bait through the water with a steady motion to hook one up! The baits hook is carefully hidden under the silicon skirt to swim through the water unnoticeably.
  • WEED GUARD DESIGN: The jigs are very versatile and prevent snagging on brush and vegetation which helps cover more water. Perfect to throw in weeds and around lily pads or cattails for more coverage. 
  • PRO TESTED BODY: Streamlined, balanced head that has a flat/bottom rising degrees of 18. Bounced from the bottom ground of the water to create realistic thumping motions to attract predator fish. Balanced and streamlined body for further casting and more reeling control. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brian Weber
Great little jig

This lure is great in the water and does really well staying out of the weeds.

Abraham Ruglue
Fantastic for year around bass

Caught so many largies with this bad boy