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Bluegill Glidebait 5.9"

Bluegill Glidebait 5.9"

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  • ONE LURE | TWO SEGMENTS- This glidebait is equipped with a single joint and two sections. The jointed body allows the lure to have a perfect natural "S" swimming action to attract the biggest gamefish. The hard body sections are connected using a durable & tough Dyneema fabric.
  • DEPTH - Cast it out and count it down! Once the lure hits the water it will stay at the surface until you start reeling. Count it down to the depth you want to run it at and then slowly retrieve it. The lure will run in the Strike Zone right in front of that big fish! Or you can use this fishing lure like a jerkbait, crankbait or glidebait to catch that lurking bass.
  • PERFECT FEATURES - 3D holographic eyes that replicate perfect Bluegill (or Panfish) with its textured body shape and true lifelike color make these lures irresistible to all freshwater gamefish species. Bass are known for feeding on Bluegill after winter for a large meal. 
  • RATTLE - Built-in steel ball adds weight to the lure and allows for longer casts. Once in the water and being retrieved, the lure emits the sound of bait fish feeding.
  • ULTRA SHARP HOOKS - Sharp durable high quality #6 treble hooks have a long lasting finish and are perfectly sized for these lures. 
  • The GlideBait is 5.9 inches and 2oz for long casting, smooth retrieving, and perfect functionality to attract monster bass. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Jody Cussins
Beautiful action and catches fish!

I tied this Bluegill Glide on and within 5 minutes I had a 17 1/2" river Smallmouth on the line and in the kayak! Then 15 minutes later it got snagged on a submerged tree and nylon tarp that the hooks sunk into and I had to break my line! I see a reorder in the near future! this bait has a great glide action and looks great coming through the water!

Jeff Farley
This glides a keeper!

Works perfectly in my lake and I love the way it moves. Caught this one within a few minutes around mid-day.

Gerald P.
10/10 would recommend

It's a nice glide bait. The only reason I wouldn’t give 5 stars is since the hooks get caught on weeds. But I think that is problem with most glidebaits. In deep open water, this would be AWESOME and catch large bass for sure.

Dean Muccio
Solid glide

I was surprised by the action of the bait. Managed to hook two on my first time out

Jason Webster
Has nice action

Looks good coming through the water... Wish it would be a bit slow to rise back to the surface... missed a few as a result of the quick rise when paused.