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Bass Hunter Pro Series 6.5"

Bass Hunter Pro Series 6.5"


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  • The Glide Bait is made of heavy duty ABS material that can withstand the wear and tear from a lunker hookset; its metal Joints are made for extreme durability that will withstand pressure for catching monster size fish. 
  • As a slow sinking bait, the bait can be used to attack the entire water column and will attract predator fish from different angles and perspectives. 
  • The Glide Baits single-jointed construction gives it a remarkable swimming motion that replicates prey fish to bass. 
  • The Glide Bait has a unique S-wave action, a big profile, and it can be controlled with pauses and reel turns, which can give it more drawing power that appeals to larger fish. 
  • It is equipped with special and built in weights that allows for superior control, bait action, precise casting, and more balance. The Glide Bait has extreme balance capabilities that is great for serious bass anglers. 
  • With natural color imitation, vivid 3D laser eyes, and a textured, soft rubber fishtail for more vivid swimming strokes, this Glide Bait appeals to bass like no other.
  • The Bass Hunter Pro Series is 6.5" in length and 2oz in weight which is the PERFECT size to attract monster predator fish. It is equipped with 2 treble hooks that guarantee your catch will stay on. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Luke Siren
Actually just caught my pb wit this…enough said

Literally caught a tank with this lure

Thomas Perry
Worth it

It might be the wrong time of the year for this bait, but the fish in the lakes around here aren't interested. It's a super realistic lure and it swims very realistically. Quality seems to be excellent.

Bryan Landers
well done

I recently purchased this swimbait and have been extremely impressed with its performance. The action in the water is incredibly realistic and has already attracted a number of big fish. The bait's construction is top-notch and has held up well after numerous casts and hook ups The color options are also very lifelike and have proven effective in a variety of fishing conditions. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this swimbait to any angler looking to up their fishing game.

Brent Castruita
Great glider

Just bought this for the new year and everything is great. The bait fishes well and swims realistically.

Tommy Chandler
Deadly bait!!! A bass attractor!

Great lure for bass! The first 3 casts I caught 2 fish! Since then caught several more and even a striper. Can’t wait for water to cool down and shad start schooling and bass chasing them cause the will be my go to