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4" Strike Flex Lipless Crankbait

4" Strike Flex Lipless Crankbait

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  • Designed to imitate the action of a fleeing baitfish, triggering predatory fish to strike.
  • Versatile bait that can be fished at different depths, retrieved at various speeds, and used in various fishing techniques such as yo-yoing, ripping, or burning.
  • Equipped with a realistic color and detailed pattern to mimic the look of natural forage in the water.  Tip-choose a color that is similar to the area you are fishing. 
  • Built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity even with regular use.
  • Features sharp and strong treble hooks that increase the chances of hooking and landing fish.
  • Due to the equipped steel balls, there is further casting, better stability, accurate control, and a vibration that attracts predator fish. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fred L.
Five starts

I have caught more bass here in Florida off this lure over EVERYTHING else in my tackle box.. yes including worms..
IF you want to cover a new pond/lake/river use it and smile when you catch everything

Adam Garthwiser
Killing it

This is one of the few hard baits I but a lot of. tight wobble, good vibrations, long castability, and many colors. Buy more at once (you'll need them when you lose them) a