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(6 pack) Rigged Jig Head Soft Plastic Swimbait

(6 pack) Rigged Jig Head Soft Plastic Swimbait

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-Comes with 6 Swimbaits-

Jig Head Swimbait: Equipped with a durable tungsten jig head which makes for a sinking swimbait, long casting, and realistic appearance. 

Soft Plastic Swimbait: Made from high quality and long lasting plastic material. Paddle Tail design which attracts more fish due to its replicate movement and swimming motions. 

Beautiful Colors: Coated with strong paint and fibers, the colors will stay vibrant throughout many fishing seasons. Vibrant colors attract more predator fish and have a more genuine feel and representation. 

Strong and Durable Hook: Durable and Strong Hook designed to keep your fish on. Weighted Body feature that allows for erratic swimming action and flawless casting and retrieving.  

Life Like Bait: Replicated prey fish in which bass, trout, musky, pike, and all predator fish eat. Life Like eyes, colors, and swimming action. Comes with a special scent in which fish love and cannot resist. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
bradley mowbray

They are amazing I would definitely recommend them they hold up good and fish love them

Bowie Sandhurst
Beautiful bait!

We were out fishing and trying to figure out what they were biting on. My husband had a couple of these in the tackle box so I put one one and bingo! We came home and I promptly ordered this set. Just spent the 3 days out fishing and while everyone else was using real minnows, I was using these and I was the only one catching bass. while they are all messing with baiting the hooks, I could just grab my pole and go and usually had a fish on before they even had a line in.

Andrew H
Swim great

Great lures. Caught a few largemouth on them in a farm pond that has plenty of shad in it.

James Copper

The classic baits do the best work. This swimbait is nice to have when the bite is slow because I always catch a bass.

Macen Reid
Buy now!

Wow these work amazing! Got 6 large mouth bass in a few hours off some creeks. Movement is great gets a lot of bites. I just tied it on without a weight. First day using them as well. Might be a senko replacement!